Woman Chugs Beer By Slamming A Cold One Through A Salmon’s Mouth

Deep sea fishing on Lake Michigan at sunrise

iStockphoto / AshleyLThomasPhoto

When I first saw ‘salmon beer’ I assumed some demented person had created a salmon-flavored beer in the Pacific Northwest. Alas, it’s worse than I imagined. Someone did create a salmon flavored beer but only because they poured a normal beer through a recently caught fish while chugging the cold one and this all went down in Wisconsin, not the Pacific Northwest.

That woman, 28-year-old Amy Meyers, has gone viral on social media for slamming the salmon beer. It all started when she caught the 22-pound fish while fishing 6 miles off Port Washington, WI in around 250-feet of water on Lake Michigan. Here’s Amy doing the Salmon Slam:

After landing the gorgeous fish, they then clean it out somewhat. The captain of Nolan’s Top Gun Charters gutted and scrubbed the fish and then dragged it behind the boat for a while to wash off any potentially harmful internal bacteria. Once the salmon was ready, she took a knee and started chugging like a champ. Later, she shared the video on Facebook where it took off.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea how much preparation went into doing a fish slam. You’re basically preparing the fish to eat by cleaning it entirely and then dragging it through the lake water for 60 minutes before chugging the beer. I’m quasi-shocked she didn’t back out in those 60 minutes. That’s an awfully long time to think about how you’ll soon be chugging a beer through the guts of a dead fish, isn’t it?

(h/t JSOnline)