A Woman Put A Hidden Camera In Her Bra To See How Often People Checked Her Out

Woman Puts Hidden Camera In Bra To See How Often People Check Her Out

Chris Zelig (YouTube)

Whitney Zelig, 29, decided to do something a little different this year to raise awareness for breast cancer this October. She put on a low cut top and placed a small hidden camera in her bra, and took a little stroll around New York City to see how many people were “aware” of her breasts.

Turns out that many people on the streets of Manhattan, young, old, male, and female, couldn’t help themselves and took a quick peek.

But we already knew that would happen in NYC, didn’t we?

Zelig’s idea has turned out to be quite a success with over 349,000 people viewing the video, which she closes out with a reminder, “Ladies, don’t forget to check out your own breasts too.”

“I just want people to get checked!” Zelig told SurvivorNet. “My mom got checked right in time and she’s still alive.”

As for how she felt while conducting this little social experiment for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Zelig told the Mirror, “I didn’t notice until we went back and looked at the video, I was just looking straight ahead. I was really suprised. I didn’t expect the women to look too, but to be fair everyone loves boobs. I would look too. I’m happy I did it because of the positive feedback.”

“I mean, I thought it was hilarious. Humour is one of my favourite things and if we can use humour to raise awareness I’m all for it,” she added. “If one woman is inspired to check herself or get a mammogram from this video I will be happy. I’m doing it for a bigger cause. This is bigger than the video or me, this is about our moms, grandmothers, children, sisters and friends.”

Well played, Whitney. Well played.

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