Stop Using These Words Or Phrases Because They’re Making You Sound Old As Hell

by 2 years ago
Old Man Looking Young


People give off clues to reveal a true age. These clues include movie quotes, hairstyles and continually saying “when I was young.” Yeah, sure, when you were young everything was excellent, and the world was one big fantastic unicorn fart.

Unless you’re 57-year-old action star putting people to shame in the gym, an accurate indicator of your age is the words and phrases you use during the typical conversation. These hints reveal you’re actually way older than you appear, no matter how much anti-wrinkle cream you’re applying in the AM. put together this handy list of words and phrases that will show your age. A few of the phrases are obviously of a way older generation like “web surfing,” “little black book,” and “wet blanket” find their way into casual conversation. At least among my friends, but then again, we’re all old as shit. If you’re saying “fuddy-duddy” and “Goodnight, John Boy” you’re probably a couple years from dying.

PopSugar put together an even better list of old slang terms to stop using right now, including “raise the roof,” “tight” and anything making use of “fo” or “izzle.”

Feel free to add your own in the comments below. I’m adding ATM to the list. You don’t have to tell anyone you need to stop at an ATM for money. It’s the only place to get cash unless you’ve found that magic money-growing tree my mom has been talking about for 30 years.

And never, ever use “shots fired” again.