Jean-Claude Van Damme May Be 57, But Most People Half His Age Still Couldn’t Handle His Workout Routine

by 1 year ago
jean-claude van damme workout routine

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That’s right. It’s apparently Van Damme Thursday here on Earlier today we showed you how impressive Bianca Van Damme looks when performing some boxing drills, and now we’re talking about her dad, the living legend Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Our man, JCVD turned 57-years-old on October 18th, but that doesn’t mean “The Muscles From Brussels” still doesn’t work out like a man possessed.

Back in October, we took a look at the trailer for his upcoming Amazon comedy Jean-Claude Van Johnson in which Van Damme plays a parody of himself who’s really a secret agent and his film career is just a front for his black ops.

Since then Van Damme sat down with Men’s Health to discuss the workout routine he used to get in shape for the role.

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