The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool Opens This Fall, Will Have Hotel Rooms With Underwater Views

Looking for a different kind of adventure for your vacation this year? Here’s an idea. The world’s deepest swimming pool is opening this fall in Poland. It will be 148-feet deep and will even have hotel rooms and tunnels running through it with underwater views.

Finally, a place to do some scuba diving without having to swim around all those gross fish and the fear of getting bitten by a shark. PLUS because the water will be warm, you won’t even have to don a wetsuit.

The pool, called Deepspot, is the brainchild of Polish adventure company Flyspot – a company specializing in free-flying simulators using wind tunnels.

According to Travel + Leisure

At its deepest point, the Deepspot pool is 148 feet deep and holds 27 times the amount of water of an average pool. Divers can explore overhangs and underwater caves, while non-divers can watch from an underwater tunnel. Deepspot will also have conference rooms, training rooms, and hotel rooms with underwater views of the pool’s interior.

The pool is being built in Mszczonow, a town southwest of Warsaw, and will be constructed using an estimated 1,100 tons of steel.

When Deepspot opens this fall it will displace Italy’s Y-40 Deep Joy as the world’s deepest swimming pool. However, it may not hold that title for long because a pool in Britain called Blue Abyss is being planned that will be 164-feet deep and hopes to open in 2020.