The World’s First Beer Hotel Opens This Weekend And The Rooms Have Taps + Built-In ‘Shower Beer’ Fridges

The world’s first beer hotel is finally set to open up for guests.

Over a year ago, BrewDog announced they would be opening the world’s first beer hotel and it would include everything under the sun that beer lovers would want in a hotel. Flash forward to this weekend, and the hotel’s set to open at BrewDog USA’s Canal Winchester location in central Ohio.

What I love most about this is *until now* there hadn’t really been any sort of a beer hotel in the world. There are a few beer spas in Europe where you can soak in beer hot tub but there hasn’t been an entire hotel completely dedicated to beer.

They were able to think this through from beginning to end and incorporate beer into the hotel in every way imaginable.

The Doghouse hotel in Central Ohio opens in just a few days on August 27th and the hotel will feature 32 guest rooms and 2 suites. The 645-square-foot Brewmaster suite will be the largest room in the beer hotel followed by the 460-square-foot Punk suite.

The guest rooms will feature beer taps inside of the rooms which presumably features a rotating slate of beer options. Guests can also choose in advance which beer(s) they’d like hooked up to the tap inside their rooms. There will also be built-in ‘shower beer fridges’ in the bathrooms so guests can enjoy a shower beer every time they soap up. The hotel will also feature a beer hot tub.

Pictures of the Doghouse hotel’s rooms on their website look nice. They’re spacious, well decorated, and feature all sorts of beer accents. Here’s a list of some amenities that can be found in every room:

BrewDogs DogHouse Columbus is one of a kind. All of our rooms are equipped with In-room refrigerators stocked to the brim with curated by our co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie. All rooms also come with rainfall showers plus a shower fridge to ensure you are never more than an arms’ length away from amazing beer. Plus we are rocking amenity options like an in-room tap with a draft beer of your choice. You may never want to leave. Are you ready for a night in The DogHouse?

Sound great, right? A beer lover’s dream. But there’s more:

Select in advance of your arrival which BrewDog Draft you would like available in your room!
Complimentary Standard Wi-Fi
42” Flatscreen Smart TV’s
Mini fridge with a curated selection of Martin + James’s favourite beers
Seasonal selection of BrewDog beer for purchase on draft in the room
Rainfall showers (water, not beer)
In-room coffee provided by Columbus’s finest; Stauf’s Coffee Roasters
Pillow-top mattresses & luxury linens
Locally made craft beer soaps by Glenn Avenue Soap Company

The pictures of the facilities look nicer than I ever imagined for a beer hotel in central Ohio:




Just like the brewery, BrewDog’s hotel will be pet-friendly so you can enjoy all the best beer amenities in the world while bringing your dog along for the ride.

I’d be SHOCKED if this concept doesn’t catch on really quickly. Won’t you?

This is a hotel concept you can look at and know that it makes sense. Beer lovers will travel for this in the same way that wine drinkers travel to wineries with attached hotels.

If beer hotels like this start popping up in places like Portland or San Diego, any city with an abundance of breweries in a concentrated area, then I can see the beer tourism industry exploding.

You can make reservations at The Doghouse Hotel by clicking that link and visiting their website!