The World’s First Floating Pool Is Unveiled In London 115 Feet Above Ground And, I Can’t Stress This Enough, Nope

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

And here I was thinking the most anxiety-inducing part of the public swimming pool experience was strangers seeing my pepperoni nipples.

Nipples are the last worry on the minds of the posh residents of southwest London’s Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms after the luxury residence just unveiled The Sky Pool, the world’s first floating pool bridge that hovers 115 feet in the air.

The 82-foot long, 16-foot wide, and 9-foot deep pool was developed in Colorado, and was put through ‘extensive strength testing’ in Texas before being shipped to the UK, a journey that took three weeks, according to Daily Mail. The engineers and architects decided an eight-inch-thick acrylic frame with a nearly 12-inch-thick base would provide sound peace of mind for anyone worried about taking the, uh, ultimate dip.

The pool, which is open 24 hours, has come under intense scrutiny, as it is only available to Eagle Club members, an “exclusive social hub available only to Embassy Gardens residents and their guests,” with no option to buy into access.

Nadeem Iqbal, a resident in the building who is not a member of the Eagle Club as he is a shared-owner, told The Guardian:

“But the sad thing for us, living in the shared-ownership building, is that we will never have access to it. It’s only there for us to look at, just like the nice lobby, and all of the other facilities for the residents of the private blocks. Nobody expects these amenities for free, but we’re not even given the choice to pay for them.”

Residents who live in the shared ownership building must even enter through a different entrance, one past construction fences and piles of rubble, so as not to confuse anyone of their place in the ecosystem.

“There’s a reason they’re called ‘poor doors’,” he said. “I grew up in South Africa, in a country that was racially segregated, but in London there is still really bad class segregation. We have a mortgage and we pay our rent, but every day we are made to feel inferior, like the have-nots of Nine Elms.”

A two-bedroom apartment in Embassy costs more than £1 million, while the penthouse suite will goes for £5 million.

Anyone want to make a joint offer? I have $232.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images