Is This The Worst Ever Bad Beat In Poker? All In Pre-Flop With JJ, Flops A Full House, Still Loses

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I’m no stranger to bad beats. In college, when it came time for exams my ritual was to pull an all-nighter and play 2-6 tables or tournaments at a time while studying. This was at the height of the ‘Poker Boom’ but I still saw an unfathomable amount of hands while playing that many tables at a time. I was always an online player but I’m thinking about transitioning into a table player after coming across this article about the best poker sets for home games because I really, truly want that baller first set.

Thankfully for my ego, the worst ‘bad beat’ I can ever recall being a part of was actually me hitting a straight flush on the river (I already had the flush) and knocking out someone’s three-of-a-kind. That bad beat wasn’t as brutal as this one because, well, a Full House beats 3-of-a-kind, and a Straight Flush is a hand a lot of people will chase when they’ve already got the flush.

What we see below is a beast of a different nature. Both players go all-in before the flop with pocket pairs. The player with JJ hits the 3rd Jack on the Flop. Yet, he still manages to lose the hand due to complete fuckery:

If you’re in that hand with JJ and you flop your 3rd Jack I don’t see how you keep calm at all after losing to 4-of-a-kind. Not when you get all of the money in pre-flop with the best hand and STILL manage to flop a boat. If that Twitter video isn’t loading for you then you can access it directly here.

We’ve seen some legendary bad beats here at BroBible. This one from a few months ago comes to mind where 4-of-a-Kind lost to a Straight Flush. But that involved cards on the river and everyone at the table got paid out because there was a progressive pot for bad beats. My condolences to the player above who’s JJ got cracked by 4-of-a-Kind.

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