‘Y’all Shouldn’t Have Given Me That $1200’ Is The Stimulus Check Meme The Country Needs Right Now

by 2 months ago
Best Of Yall Shouldnt Have Given Me That 1200 Stimulus Check Meme


It’s now been, what, 837 days since we were allowed to actually be closer than six feet away from a human being that we aren’t currently locked in our house with? Maybe it just feels that way.

On the plus side, around 80 million people have received their stimulus money – some of them are even still alive – which as comedian Vic DiBitetto very loudly and profanely points out is really helping out the working folk.

Not that everyone needs that stimulus money. Some people are just going ahead and blowing it all on things like “bedroom” toys, Yeezys, and cereal dispensers because YOLO.

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As often happens in situations such as this, the absurdity of the government sending people money to help them out in a time of financial need, only to squander it on goofy stuff that they most definitely do not NEED, has led the internet to run with the concept in the form of a glorious new meme based around the phrase “Y’all shouldn’t have given me that $1,200.”

Check out some of the best, very neccesary, expenditures people have come up with for their $1,200 slice of the government stimulus package.

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