50 Cent Discovers He Has A Long Lost Son After The Kid Showed Up At An Autograph Signing

We’re all prone to forgetting things. I forgot my mom’s birthday and to put on pants this morning. These two things can be easily reconciled with a call to momma and avoiding go outside today.

So it’s completely understandable that a celebrity whose spent the last few month in bankruptcy court forgets the trivial things in life from time to time–like brushing his teeth before bed, turning back the clock on daylight savings, and oh ya, his own child.

50 took to Instagram to share a picture at a recent meet and greet with a child with tears streaming down his face, who he claims is his estranged son Davian.


50’s been known to troll on Insta so it’s possible that he’s fucking around with us, but I choose to believe 50’s son had to pay to enter an event to meet his own father. If he is, 50 could not be more cavalier about the whole thing–treating his child like he just found $5 in his pockets after washing his pants. As UNILAD points out, 50 reportedly pays $12,000 a month in child support for his other two children, but I’m sure little Davian values a new pair of kicks over the guidance and love of a father.

[h/t UNILAD]

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