Aaron Paul Explains 10 Reasons You Should Hang Out with Him for the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale


Sick, right? Well here's something even sicker: Our main man Jesse Pinkman is throwing a rager at Hollywood Forever Cemetery to celebrate the finale of Breaking Bad and you can win a chance to be his guest You'll roll up in an RV with Aaron, throw on the Hazmat suits, do a little cooking, and then watch both the pilot episode and finale with the entire cast on a movie-sized screen, before celebrating together at the private, star-studded after party. It's going to be a hell of an experience and it's for a great freakin' cause: Supporting Kind Campaign’s efforts to combat the negative effects of bullying. You can go enter the contest here.

In the meantime, here's an awesome video Paul shot explaining why it'd be awesome to hang out with him for the evening. It's not something that takes a lot of convincing. Doing shots with Jesse Pinkman himself while he screams “Bitch” at your friends? There's no amount of meth in the world you could smoke to pass this up:

Don't miss out. Bitch.


The Top 10:

Bitches: I’ll call whoever you want all weekend and call them a bitch
A shoulder to cry on: I’m going to be very sad when the show ends, and since you’ll be sitting next to me, I will cry on your shoulder.
Shots, shots, shots: After crying, I’m going to want to take shots with you at the after party. Many, many shots.
Servitude and sex: You get to bring a guest as part of the experience. If you bring a friend, they will owe you for life. If you bring a date, they will likely hook up with you.
Your favorite Breaking Bad scene: We will reenact whatever scene from Breaking Bad you want. Unless it involves me getting my ass kicked.
Roll me further bitch: At some point in the weekend I will get in a wheel chair and ask you to roll me further bitch.
Chili P: We’re going to cook one last time and we’re definitely bringing back Chili P
Vince Gilligan’s hair: Vince Gilligan is the coolest and you’ll get to play with his hair.
TP’ing Cranston’s House: You, me, and your guest will toilet paper the shit out of Heisenberg’s house.
You’ll be supporting a great cause: Enter for the chance to ride with me: omaze.com/breakingbad. Your support will help Kind Campaign combat bullying.