Aaron Paul Goes Full Jesse Pinkman On Toys R’ Us For Pulling ‘Breaking Bad’ Figures

In case you missed it, a mom in Florida successfully lobbied for Toys R’ Us to remove all the Breaking Bad action figures from their store shelves this week.

The show’s star Bryan Cranston already weighed in on the subject tweeting, “Florida mom petitions against Toys ‘R Us over Breaking Bad action figures.” I’m so mad, I’m burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest.” And then later tweeting, “Toys R Us puts Breaking Bad toys on ‘indefinite sabbatical.’ Word on the street is that they were sent to Belize. Nicely played Florida Mom.”

Aaron Paul, however, didn’t seem to take the news quite as well, even dropping a “yeah, bitch” on us.


Paul does have a point about the video games and Barbie, though I don’t remember her ever making and distributing meth (Methhead Barbie?) and I’m not sure what Obama has to do with this, but anytime Aaron Paul wants to channel Jesse Pinkman, even if it’s just on Twitter, I’m all for that.

Aaron Paul image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock