This Is What The Abandoned White Castle Restaurant From ‘Harold And Kumar’ Looks Like Today


New Line Cinema

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was the first movie I can remember seeing where product placement was blatantly weaved throughout (for chrissakes, it’s in the title) and yet I didn’t care. Normally when a character pops up on screen carrying a fat bag of Burger King or some other random crap that they don’t necessarily need to have I roll my eyes and think to myself “Really? Really movie, she just got dumped by her boyfriend and she chose to go to Burger King? Might as well just chop her leg off and have her eat that if we’re going for plausibility here.”

Alas, Harold & Kumar didn’t have that affect on me because the whole point of the movie was that they were trying (and mostly failing) to get to White Castle. While the White Castle in the film was located in Cherry Hill, NJ, the actual restaurant where the movie was filmed is located in Caledon, Ontario. After shooting had wrapped the restaurant was converted into something called a “Yuppie’s Burger,” which quickly went out of business and wound up becoming a shitty looking eyesore out in the middle of nowhere.


While some renovation did occur between the shooting of Harold & Kumar and “Yuppie’s” opening, you can still see similarities:

New Line Cinema


…except for the fact that it looks like dogshit on the inside.

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You can check out the rest of the photos here, courtesy of Imgur user ajmakesthings.

[H/T Uproxx]

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