A Not So Accurate, But Hilarious Documentary On The Great DJ Khaled

We’ve seen the epic adventures that DJ Khaled has been experiencing in his charmed life. Like when DJ Khaled spun around in his suped-up shopping cart. Another one that we’ve been fortunate enough to experience is DJ Khaled’s pearls of wisdom. Another one is DJ Khaled’s epic tale of getting lost at sea while riding a jetski. Another one is when we learned about nature because DJ Khaled had a harrowing encounter with raccoons. Despite all of those memorable experiences with DJ Khaled, do we really know DJ Khaled?

H3H3 Productions created this tremendous, yet not so acriate documentary of DJ Khaled so that we could learn who the real DJ Khaled is. DJ Khaled is of course the modern-day prophet who sagely once said, “Them doors that was always closed, I ripped the doors off, took the hinges off. And when I took the hinges off, I put the hinges on the fuckboys’ hands.” The mockumentary delves into everything about DJ Khaled including his love affair with McDonald’s sausage biscuits, his extravagant “juwlry,” his grand fupa, his beautiful pear-shaped figure and the disappearance of DJ Khaled as well as the entire Homogeneous Khalidius species.

Wherever you are DJ Khaled, I’ll always remember your wise words, “Cocoa butter is the key.”

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