Some Genius Made A Website That Recites Only DJ Khaled Inspirational Quotes And It’s Got Me Feeling So Blessed Up

DJ Khaled Bless Up

I’ve found it. The best thing to ever exist on the internet. Better than this. It holds the keys to success in life. The keys to succeeding when they don’t want you too. An endless stream of inspirational consciousness courtesy of the one and only DJ Khaled.

Any time you’re feeling like you need that little extra push, or you’re trying to find the key to open that next door, this is the website for you.

Yes that’s the actual website address. Amazing, I know. Whoever made it is a genius and I’ll leave it at that. Just go there and click the “Another One” button as many times as you need to start feeling blessed up. And real talk, it works. Shit is too real out here.

Here’s some of the inspiration that we [the best] are working with here.

DJ Khaled Snapchat Quotes

But that don’t matter because…

DJ Khaled Snapchat Quotes 7

Success you say? What’s that mean?

DJ Khaled Snapchat Quotes 5

Oh right. Yeah, gotta eat every day for sure, DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled Snapchat Quotes 6

The haters, bro. Smh. But like you said, “believe and you will succeed.”

DJ Khaled Snapchat Quotes 2


DJ Khaled Snapchat Quotes 7

Those are two quality breakfast reccomendations, and we all know a healthy breakfast is the 🔑 to success every morning. Right on, DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled Snapchat Quotes 3

If you need some more of DJ Khaled’s keys to success, there is plenty where that came from at And never forget the ultimate 🔑.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 3.16.02 PM

Thanks, DJ Khaled. Bless up, bro.

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