Adam Sandler Discovered His Doppelganger Online And What Happened Next Is Completely Insane

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Adam Sandler, as you may or may not know, has a new movie coming out called The Do-Over also starring David Spade.

In the movie, Sandler plays a guy named Max Kessler. Nothing too exciting yet, right?

Hang on, here’s where it begins to get interesting.

Turns out that there is a 23-year-old man from New York who is also named Max Kessler. The real Max also happens to bear a reasonable resemblance to one Adam Sandler.

So when the real Max Kessler found out that Adam Sandler was going to be playing a character with his name he posted the following to Imgur…

Nothing too earth-shattering, but still, kind of funny, right?

Well, one way or another Adam Sandler got wind of Kessler’s post on Reddit and decided to respond to Max.

Naturally, Max had to respond back.

Which then led to this…

That’s right. The real Max Kessler got flown out to the movie’s premiere on Sandler’s dime just because he posted a silly picture online.


Here they are meeting for the first time at the premiere this week…

How insane is that?

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