Watch All The Times Al Bundy Eye-Humped Hot Chicks on ‘Married With Children’, Plus Compilations of Peggy And Kelly Being HAWT

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Before he was touching tongues with Sofia Vergara on Modern Family, Ed O’Neill played quite possibly the greatest / unluckiest TV dad of all-time as Al Bundy on Married With Children. 

It seemed each and every week, Bundy was nearly torn to pieces by his constant internal conflict of cheating on his hot wife Peggy played by Katey Segal or staying faithful. Never has a taken man been presented with more opportunities to go astray and adulterate, but deep down Al knew where his bread was buttered.

Instead of dealing with a guilty conscience, Bundy did what most upstanding gentlemen do, he placed all his racy encounters into a fantasy file, using the folder as fuel in his forays with Peg.

This near 12-minute compilation from TV Moments features dirty puns, lewd suggestions, and some of the breast… sorry, best reactions and one-liners a shoe salesman has ever produced.

Even the camera operators and the studio audience got in on the act. Seriously, can you remember another show that had dudes yelling, “OH YEAH!!!” as often as this one?

Why didn’t Al succumb? Because he had this bundle of big-haired fun at his side who, despite the unfathomable amount of put-downs she bestowed upon her husband, loved him no matter what.

If the onslaught of hot women isn’t enough for Al to handle, he’s also got to fend off dudes from sullying his daughter, Kelly…

Al Bundy deserves a statue and a chapter in every history book. Or, at the very least, a How To Not Cheat On Your Wife and Imprison Your Smokeshow Daughter book. I know I’m not alone when I say I learned how to watch TV from Polk High’s single-game touchdown record holder.

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