Amanda Bynes’ Mom To The Rescue? Plus More From Amanda’s ‘Secret Twitter Account’

Stop worrying, everyone. Amanda Bynes’ mom is heading to New York to fix Amanda right up. Well, eventually

“Lynn is planning on going to New York City in the next two weeks,” an insider revealed to Radar. “She is deeply disturbed by the pictures of Amanda appearing to be very wobbly on a bike in traffic. Reports of Amanda talking to herself in restaurants are also very troubling signs.”

“It’s been very difficult for Lynn because husband, Rick, doesn’t believe their daughter suffers from any mental health issues,” the source said. “In Rick’s opinion, Amanda is just acting like a spoiled brat. Lynn has tried to call Amanda, but when she does, she immediately gets hung up on.”

In the next two weeks? Do Amanda Bynes’ mom and dad not have Internet access? And they do know you can just hop a plane and be in New York today, right? Eh, I’m sure everything will be fine (assuming attacking people in night clubs – allegedly – means everything is fine).

“The only reason Lynn hasn’t hopped on a plane sooner is that even if she does find Amanda, there is very little she can do to bring her back to Southern California,” the source explained. “The conservatorship ended in August and Amanda has been on her own ever since then. Lynn now recognizes that ending the conservatorship was a terrible mistake.”

So she does see the same thing we’re seeing, but still, no rush? Her daughter appears to be on the brink of becoming a very tragic Hollywood story, but there’s no need to bust ass to NYC to see what’s up? We’re talking about a woman, Amanda, who was reportedly being treated for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Hell, she had to be locked up without her consent after setting fire to a driveway things went so off the rails before.

Meanwhile, Amanda wrote the first tweets on her Twitter account yesterday since May, glossing completely over the fact that she was reportedly kicked out of fashion school.

Then a few hours later, the Twitter account that several have claimed is Amanda’s “secret” one decided to chime in on a few things…

Before we go further, let’s get this out of the way. No one knows if this is really Amanda Bynes, but if it isn’t it’s a TREMENDOUS imposter. And if it is really Amanda, it’s quite an indictment of her current state of mental health.

Uh, then why are you sharing Amanda Bynes videos and using the name “Amanda” on your profile? (Remember, yesterday Bynes tweeted on her real account she was going to study psychology. Coincidence?)

No, you’re not.


Apparently this “Practicing Psychologist” enjoys a little Natty in the afternoon. Makes sense.


Amanda Bynes image by Featureflash/Shutterstock