Amanda Bynes Reportedly Kicked Out Of Fashion School; Her ‘Secret Twitter Account’ Responds

amanda bynes fashion school


According to a new report, Amanda Bynes was not only pegged for a DUI the other day she also was allegedly kicked out of her fashion school for some other VERY naughty behavior.

TMZ says that Bynes was reportedly showing up high, almost always wearing sunglasses, offering people money to do her homework, ditching classes, cheating off tests and getting into huge arguments with people. This all, according to a fellow student at the school. (Full story here.)

In related news, yesterday it came to our attention that Amanda Bynes “may” be using a rogue Twitter account (her old account has been dormant since May).

Let’s see what it has to say about all of this. (Good thing “whoever this is” just responded like half an hour ago.)

So there you have it. Everyone was lying. Phew… I was starting to get worried.

Amanda Bynes image by s_bukley/Shutterstock