Amy Schumer Mocks America’s Obsession With Guns On ‘SNL’

Sadly, due to a rash of publicized mass shootings, gun control has once again come to the surface and become a highly debated topic. Saturday Night Live decided to tackle the extremely flammable subject by creating a fake advertisement for guns.

Amy was thrusted into the gun control debate in July when a gunman entered a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana during a showing of Schumer’s movie Trainwreck and went on a rampage that killed two people and injured nine others. Since that tragic moment, Schumer has spoken out against gun violence in America and even publicly supported her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D.-NY), in in his bid to bring new and stricter gun laws. During a press conference in August the comedian said, “These shootings have got to stop, I don’t know how else to say it.”


Amy’s sketch on SNL featured gun enthusiasts using and adoring guns in their everyday life, including jogging, romantic dates and even during childbirth. “[Guns] unite us, comfort us, bring us joy and strength… Wherever life takes you, guns we’re here to stay,” the fake PSA states. “There are things we all share. Love. Family. Connection. A sense of purpose. Guns. Guns are there. In little events, and big ones, when things fall apart, or it all comes together. They unite us, comfort us, bring us joy, and strength.”

Other noteworthy sketches included a typical teacher/student porn movie being shot. Schumer plays a horned up teacher who wants to teach her student Ricky a “hard lesson,” but one pesky student keeps interrupting the sexy romp which of course included an “oral exam.”

In the bit titled “City Council Meeting,” concerned citizens announce their grievances over important issues such as teens dry-humping in a laser tag parking lot, a young girl who loves guns, an AA meeting and “Justin Bieber’s dong.”

Schumer channeled her inner Spice Girl by being a Delta flight attendant who wants to make a viral video with her singing of “Wannabe” during the flight safety announcements.

For the musical guest, The Weeknd brought out Nicki Minaj for “The Hills (Remix).”

See Amy Schumer’s SNL monologue here.