Anna Kendrick Shares A Funny Story About George Clooney Being The Biggest Bro Walking Earth

Anna Kendrick is an internet sweetheart. There are some among us, even on this very writing staff, who just don’t see her appeal.

I’m not 100% in the Anna Kendrick fan club but I understand why bros get boners at the very mention of her cups. I meant the song about the cups, you perverts.

Anyway, Kendrick does have a ton of admirers, some are insane and send diamond earrings, but most are normal guys. I can see her appeal, especially after her appearance this week on WTF with Marc Maron.

Kendrick costarred with George Clooney in Up In The Air and talked about that experience with Marc Maron and just about the person that is “George Clooney” and how he transcends this world even though he’s just a man. Actually, he’s really just a bro, according to Kendricks retelling of her time working with your mom’s favorite star.

“I didn’t meet him until we were on set together but the first thing we shot together, we were doing a kind of walk and talk, and we were standing together and he goes ‘do you get nervous? I get nervous’ and I was just like ‘oh my God’ and it was just the smallest thing and it just opened up my world. He’s just a total pro. He probably does that for everybody when they’re like nervous and thinking ‘what am I doing here? I don’t belong here’ and just a couple simple words from him and you’re thinking ‘oh my God, he’s a person and I’m a person and we’re the same. He knows that he makes people nervous.'”

Maron asked how Clooney helped her with her scenes and acting overall and Kendrick explained Clooney had a great way of reminding her this whole thing isn’t really a big deal.

“There was a day I was really in my head about a scene that we were about to do and he was just throwing a Nerf football around and intentionally trying to hit me with it, like throwing it at me, and at the time I’m like ‘bro, I’m trying to get into the scene’ but it was just his way of saying ‘you need to snap out of it.'”

In other words, Clooney will toss his balls at your chin if you’re taking shit too seriously.

Kendrick also charmed me by dropping the word bro in casual conversation more than a few times, said “far out” which I haven’t heard since the baby boomers all got Alzheimer’s, and referred to herself as a “flat chest theater nerd” in high school.

She’s just a chill girl. Just don’t send her diamonds.

H/T WTF Podcast with Marc Maron