Throwback To The Time Anthony Bourdain Awesomely Made Fun Of The Kardashians On ‘Parts Unknown’

Anthony Bourdain seems like a pretty cool dude to smoke cigs and go saki bombing with. This little clip that our friends at Foodbeast dug up perfectly illustrates why. While watching a pig get butchered for dinner, he managed to work in a nice little jab at the Kardashian family.

“Even with the brain dead, the [pig’s] heart keeps on beating… sort of like … pick a Kardashian.” -Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown

Oooooo. Nice burn. Personally, I hope Kanye-the-Kardashian-in-law catches wind of it (…even though the episode aired months ago) and the next great pop culture beef war is Anthony Bourdain vs. Kanye. That would be soooooooo much better than his overhyped war-of-words against Adam Richman and Guy Fieri, which a smudge mean-spirited and douchetastic.

Here’s a recap of that feud:

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