Anthony Bourdain And Sienna Miller Play ‘Secret Ingredient’, Try To Guess What’s In Their Food

by 11 months ago

Author, Chef, and host of Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain was on Fallon last night alongside actress/model Sienna Miller. Anthony Bourdain has a new documentary out about the ‘first celebrity chef’ to ever exist, Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent, so he’s been promoting that.

Somehow, Jimmy convinced Bourdain to participate in a round of ‘Secret Ingredient’. It’s a game where they are served a three-course meal and are tasked with using their palettes to figure out what the secret ingredient in each dish is. The first dish incorporated Juicy Fruit gum into the food, so you can imagine how Bourdain reacted.

It’s not that Anthony Bourdain is incapable of laughing. He just takes himself seriously on camera, and I love that about him. He’s pretty much the exact opposite of Jimmy Fallon in that respect. He’ll ask hard questions with a straight face instead of asking cake questions while laughing with a smile. It’s why his shows have been so successful over the years. So I found it surprising that Anthony agreed to participate in something like this, but here we are.

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