Watch This Fire-Eating Girl Use A Whip To Move Jenga Blocks And Try To Get Your Fetish Under Control

April Jennifer Choi is a model and dancer who does “fire and rave performances” in addition to whipping the piss out of Jenga blocks. The 30-year-old artist has “a bunch of fire and LED toys” she uses during said performances when she does fire-eating and fire-breathing.

According to her ModelMayhem profile, Choi’s into gothic, industrial, cyber, Lolita, punk, J-Pop, and Victorian visual themes. She’s also big on cosplay, steampunk, pin-up, fetish, horror, and anything involving large shiny weapons. Anyone need a roommate?

So far, the reactions have ranged from, “Wow, I didn’t know whip Jenga was a thing!” to “Why does she have so many whips? What does she normally use that room for?” Those last two questions are very valid. That’s like ’80 Shades of Serious Laceration’ if you’re the lucky son of a gun Choi brings home from the bars.

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I’d like to set the over/under on Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) jokes to 1 Brazilian. According to Choi, her video’s been ripped by a bunch of other sites, which is always a good sign. It’s likely the video’s not the only thing getting ripped. She’s probably got a line down the street with men who need to be punished.

Feels like she’s got a popular series on her hands. I foresee a whole host of other games and objects getting whipped like Philadelphia cream cheese. Let’s start with the briefcase models from Deal or No Deal.