The 22 Weirdest (Yet Still Hilarious) Sexual Situations In ‘Archer’

In honor of Season 4 of “Archer,” I've compiled a visual guide to the strangest and most WTF (yet still hilarious, cartoons being cartoons) sexual situations that have occurred thus far in “Archer.” 

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Screencaps and GIFs via Tumblr's The Danger Zone and Fuckyeaharchergifs:


Cyril's “sympathy cancer sex” with Scatterbrain Jane:


Archer's snorkel blowjob in a hot tub infront of his Mom:


This hypothetical situation:


Archer using ISIS operational funds for orgies:


Cheryl kinda being into getting strangled by Cyril while Pam watches:


Cyril-Cheryl-Pam Threeways:


Cyril's constant philandering:


ANYONE having sex with Pam. Especially Archer… 



Archer's on-going mommy issues:


Pretty much anything involving Archer's mom:


Krieger's sex robot:


Pam's obsession with gorup Internet Porn-watching:


Krieger's virtual, holographic girlfriend:


Krieger sniffing MSG off Pam:


Archer's closet of school girl costumes:


Archer on the phone during sex:


Katya Kazanova, the cyborg:


Cyborg Katya cheating on Archer with Barry, another Cyborg:


Archer disrespectfully throwing Cheryl's clothes off the roof post-coitus:


Lana sleeping with a boss to get a new job:


Imbred redneck cuckolding, featuring Randy Gillette:




Discussions about health during sex:

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