Blue Yourself with This Tremendous ‘Arrested Development’ Running Gag Supercut

Gene Parmesan! You never expect him!

Arguably one of the most famous features of Arrested Development's original three seasons was the enormous array of running jokes it contained. In any given episode, you might have picked up on a dozen gags seen before—the Chicken Dance, the “No touching!” prison scenes, the mispronunciation of Ann's name—and, if you were a constant viewer, it made the laugh even better. If you weren't, though, the jokes were still funny. Slacktory does an admirable job of collecting most of them here. 

For my money, by the way, NOTHING will ever beat the Tobias Funke sexual puns. I mean, every single one of the man's lines was a gay joke. It was incredible writing. They really put the hammer down. A real commitment to that member… of the cast.

[H/T: Slacktory]