Arya Stark Did An AMA On Reddit, Possibly Dropped An ATOMIC ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler

The actress who plays Arya Stark on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, Maisie Williams, did an AMA on reddit today where fans of the show could bombard her with the weirdest questions imaginable. She spoke on everything from how the show has changed her life, to her pets/favorite foods, and even what might be a VERY BIG spoiler for Season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’.

In playing the best character on ‘Game of Thrones’, (Arya’s the best, and it’s not even close), Maisie Williams has gathered quite the cult following across the world. So naturally all measure of questions came out for her highly-anticipated Reddit AMA.

One of the issues with being a public figure is that millions of random strangers begin to know the tiniest details about your life. For instance…if a young girl is straight up obsessed with her pet turtles and blabbers on about that constantly on Twitter, that’s an odd piece of trivia that young girl might get asked about:

For TV viewers/non-book readers this spoiler might not make much sense at all. But for those who both read the books and watch the show, this is a pretty monumental spoiler…We’re talking an ‘atomic bomb sized spoiler’ when it comes to the character of Arya Stark:

You can find that question/answer here, with a bit more explanation as it relates to an unreleased chapter of the forthcoming ‘Winds of Winter’ book, a chapter that can be read in full HERE (obviously full of massive spoilers). Or does it?

I posted this MASSIVE SPOILER from HuffPo that Arya leaked back in Mid-December, perhaps it’s simply tied to that?

Other questions were based on things like ‘who rips the most ass on set?’

Rory being Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane.

For those of us wondering whatever happened to Nymeria, her direwolf, she also shed some light on that subject:

And last but not least she talked about the creepiest thing a fan has ever done….and holy shit, how can people be so weird and still function in public?

For the FULL AMA you can head on over here, or you can click HERE to her profile for just her answers.


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