Watch A$AP Rocky Threaten To Fight A Bunch Of Guys In A Bagel Shop

Do NOT throw things at A$AP Rocky’s car or he will make STRONGLY veiled threats against you in a bagel shop.

As we well know, A$AP Rocky does not take kindly to things being thrown at him or his belongings so when he tells these gentlemen in a London bagel shop, “What’s up? Should I snuff you right now?” they wisely pay attention.

Well, sort of… one guy does drop a “this is London, calm yourself down,” as if that will somehow calm the fires. It doesn’t.

On the plus side, no one fell from any rafters in this video.

Warning: Lots of bad words spoken. Those with sensitive ears beware.

All’s well that ends well though as A$AP Rocky pointed out on his Twitter after the little altercation.