Audio From The Palin Party Brawl Has Been Released And It’s Completely Nuts

Last month Sarah Palin and her family were involved in a big brawl at a snowmobile party where punches were thrown and blood was shed. Now audio from the whole melee has been released by Anchorage Police and it’s sounds about as white-trashy as white trash can be with f-bombs and pretty much other swear word imaginable being dropped left and right.

“I think it was Bristol Palin and another girl come running. They came from the road… I go, ‘hey, hey, hey, wait, stop!’ She come up and said, ‘I’m going to beat that b*tch’s ass.’ I said, ‘no, no, no, we ain’t having any of that here. You need to go home’… she said, ‘oh yeah, right mother f*cker,’ explains host of the party Korey Klingenmeyer to the police, who goes on to say that Bristol allegedly hit him in the face “five or six times.”

“The next time she came up to hit me, and I grabbed her fist and I pushed her down. She tried to get up again and hit me and I pushed her down. I think it was her brother Track… come running up the driveway and they’re fricking [saying], ‘I’m gonna beat your ass!’ It’s a melee.”

You can also hear Todd Palin, Bristol’s dad, ask Klingenmeyer if he called Bristol a slut, while at another point you can also hear what appears to be Sarah Palin telling her son Track to stop fighting and later complaining to police.

The whole thing is downright astonishing to listen to, but the highlight has to be when Bristol Palin, in a fit of tears near the end of the audio, explains to police that she is wearing a “thong dress.” Totally relevant.

And to think, these people were almost one step away from the White House. Amazing.

H/T Uproxx, Radar; Sarah Palin image by Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock