Barack Obama Passed On Charlize Theron’s Strip Club Invitation, So You Have To Question His Judgement

by 3 years ago

Charlize Theron invited President Barack Obama to a strip club because, as she puts it, she has “verbal diarrhea.” The actress recalled the awkward conversation to Jimmy Kimmel last night.

It made for a good anecdote. But considering some of the hot takes her former lover Sean Penn has delivered through the years, a casual invite to go watch some jiggly boobs is probably the tamest thing that could have come out of her mouth at that time.

Kimmel is dead right about Bill Clinton accepting that offer on the spot. And while it’s understandable why Obama didn’t jump at the opportunity, it’s also kind of sad.

What’s the point of being the leader of the free world if you have to act like a whipped puritan?

Miss ya, Slick Willie.

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