Watch Bautista Beat The Piss Out Of James Bond In The Latest Clip From ‘Spectre’


With Spectre just a few weeks from hitting theaters, the clips are coming in hot.

The final Spectre trailer was one of our favorites and we absolutely loved this clip of every single James Bond kill in movie frachise history. But there’s something incredibly gratifying about this new clip that shows former WWE champion and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Batista kicking the shit out of Bond through a train.

Maybe it’s because of Batista’s sweet suit, or the fact his character is named Mr. Hinx, the most Bond name is Pussy Galore. The name sounds like a mom from Minnesota won a “name the next Bond henchman” contest. Maybe it’s because Bond movies suddenly rule. Maybe it’s just the commuter in me that would love nothing more than to kick a person’s teeth in on a train.

I’ll say all of the above.

[via GQ]