Ben Affleck’s Got A Hot Take On Donald Trump Tweet Blasting Meryl Streep

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I didn’t watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night because I was at a glorious steakhouse, and because I have a penis which prohibits me from giving a shit about self-congratulatory awards shows for celebs. But I did catch the fallout from Meryl Streep‘s speech about PEOTUS Donald Trump, and Trump’s consequent tweets in which he called Meryl ‘one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood’.

To the acting world, Meryl Streep is a living Goddess, an infallible thespian who is a carnal embodiment of perfection. I capitalize the G in Goddess because that’s how fucking important she is to the Acting world. When Trump called Meryl overrated it was like someone calling the Pope ‘Jewish’, a statement that couldn’t be more false, at least that was the reaction from Hollywood. So, when Ben Affleck appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about the Golden Globes and his brother Casey Affleck’s success he couldn’t help but air his grievances.

I wouldn’t consider myself a Meryl Streep fan. She was decent in A River Wild and Lemony Snicket: a Series of Unfortunate Events, but it’s not like she’s acting in any movies which appeal to me so I haven’t seen her onscreen all that much. I’ll say this, though: Hollywood’s actors like Ben Affleck and the world’s most smug human being George Clooney, they’re the finest in the world at their craft. They are the best actors around, and they’ve spent lifetimes honing their crafts. These are the experts of acting. So, when the finest actors in the world all say that Meryl Streep is the greatest living actress in the world we should fucking believe them. It’s like a collection of brain surgeons all pointing to one guy and saying ‘he’s the best in the world’. You believe the experts…With that said, I hope we can all agree that Trump’s statement of her being overrated as an actress is completely asinine and false. Sure, she’s overpaid and overhyped, but she’s definitely not overrated.

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