Ben Stiller Gives Opinion On Why So Many People Hate Justin Bieber And It’s NOT Due To The Size Of His Hog

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The Biebs is a polarizing figure. He is widely considered a douche by the general public, less girls aged 13-18. This collective mindset was built on the opinions of celebrities who have spent time with him and had some critical things to say about the 21-year-old.

Seth Rogen called him a “piece of shit” (since apologizing), Joel McHale called him a “fucking idiot,” Olivia Wilde told him to “put a fucking shirt on,” and even Eminem inserted him into this pleasant lyric: “What a demon, a behemoth, evil just seems to be seeping through him.”

And then came #HogGate2015.  We all had mixed emotions about seeing a picture of Bieb’s purposefully chubbed up meat popsicle.

But there is a small counter-current of Bieber supporters (including me, last album was absolute flames, I’m a full blown Belieber now–check out the posters in my room), and Zoolander 2 star Ben Stiller.

Stiller was recently in Australia promoting the film–released February 12–in which Justin Bieber has a small role, which he dies quickly (this is not a spoiler if you watched the trailer). The pre-screening of the movie actually garnered cheers when he died. Poor Biebs.

The 50-year-old Stiller had some complimentary things to say about the pop star with very few celebs in his corner.

Via Daily Mail,

“He’s a great kid and I was very fortunate to have him in the movie.

I think they all want to be him, they all want to be Justin Bieber. They all want Justin Bieber’s life, let’s face it.’

Ben commented on the Biebs death scene in the film.

‘What happens to him in the movie indicates how people feel about him.’

‘I think he has a sense of humour about all of it and I also think he has the last laugh, too,’ he said.

He’s got the last laugh. What the fuck you talking about, Focker?

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