You’ll Never Believe These 5 Best Bill Murray Stories

Google “random” and the first fifteen pages of results should be Bill Murray. The man has been turning up in the least expected places to do even less expected things, each time further cementing his status as a celebrity of the people.

No matter how many times it happens, people are still incredulous, dumbfounded, and overjoyed. I mean, there’s an entire site dedicated to stories about him and they never get old. Why? Because his mere presence would be worthy enough, yet, Murray always seems to add a little twist to give the story some extra kick. The dude just doesn’t recycle material.

Murray almost never fails to deliver a good time even when he doesn’t say a word. Bill’s equally at home singing Louie Louie with The Grateful Dead in a dive bar as he is giving a pre-game interview before the National League Championship Series or falling off a chair on the set of a MSNBC show after knocking back vodka with David Letterman. And when Bill goes “Full Murray Mode“, you lose track of time.

The entire nation got the feels when Bill’s beloved Xavier Bulldogs lost on a buzzer beater during March Madness and we all wondered how Murray’s son (and Xavier coach) still hasn’t seen Caddyshack.

You’ve probably hung out with Murray and didn’t know it. He’s everywhere, lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting party. I’m just looking forward to his biopic.