Bill Murray’s Own Son Hasn’t Even Seen Perhaps His Most Famous Movie

Bill Murray’s son, Luke, went a totally different career route than his comedian, movie star father, because apparently he never thought he was that funny. Guess it’s kinda hard to measure up when your dad is Bill freakin’ Murray. The dude’s been in more notable comedy films than virtually any other actor on the scene.

Instead, Luke Murray pursued his passion for the game of basketball, which his dad is notoriously a fan of as well (cough cough Space Jam), and is now the assistant coach for the Xavier Musketeers team that just suffered a heartbreaking loss to crash out of March Madness. Hey, you win some you lose some.

In a great interview segment as part of the NCAA Tournament coverage barrage, the younger Murray revealed something to his dad that brought the shock and awe hard – he’s never seen Caddyshack. That’s right, Bill Murray’s own son has never seen perhaps his most famous film to date.

The whole interview is worth a watch, especially when the duo are reminiscing about basketball memories from Luke’s childhood, but the golf talk starts around the 2:50 mark.

“Never seen it, but I heard it’s good.” Unbelievable!

We’re talking about arguably the best golf/sports/comedy movie of ALL-TIME, and Bill Murray’s own son hasn’t even witnessed his dad’s hilariously deranged performance as Carl Spackler.

Luke, for all of us, please watch Caddyshack ASAP.

Caddyshack 2, though, you don’t have to rush into that one…

[H/T Bleacher Report via Golf Digest]