This Super Tribute Video Is A Marvel Cinematic Universe Highlight Reel That Hypes ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Captain America: Civil War blows up theaters Friday, May 6th, and the early word is it’s another certified money machine. Even if the movie’s trailer gave away a bunch of spoilers, the flick has Brink bank trucks on Brink bank trucks backing up with the spoils. You know a movie’s gonna be huge when they’re making motorcycle helmets in its honor. Weird that Cap’s franchise has overtaken Iron Man’s as the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hulk had his shot and fizzled. Thor is too busy pitching for the New York Mets. Anyway, to celebrate Civil War, CLS Videos edited together this super tribute video that’s a hype video meets highlight reel.

Here’s the music featured in the video:
1. Brand X Music – “Tick Tock”
2. Stevie Wonder – “Skeletons”
3. The Glitch Mob – “Becoming Harmonious”
4. Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
5. Tame Impala – “Apocalypse Dreams”

Can I be frank for a sec? The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting out of hand. There are a ton of characters already involved and a ton more coming. Even Ronda Rousey wants to get in on the act as Captain Marvel. MCU is turning into this Robot Chicken sketch spoofing the Ocean’s Eleven franchise…

But, can you blame Marvel? They finally got Spider-Man back from Sony and Black Panther looks sleek on fleek up and down the creek all week.

Captain America: Winter Soldier was better than the first Cap movie and now it looks like Civil War bests Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, DC’s universe can’t even get off the ground.

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