The 21 Best Stoner Movies To Watch On Netflix Instant

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You know the feeling: You get home and your roommate is chilling on the couch. Maybe your day was good, maybe your day was bad. Someone says “Hey, want to smoke?” and the next thing you know you’re puff-puff passing a bong, bowl, blunt… whatever your token method of choice happens to be. But it’s been a long day, you’re bored, and you just want to chill out and watch something. So what do you do? Pull up Netflix Instant, of course.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a solid selection of stoner movies on Netflix. The current library, just updated at the beginning of January, ranges from polarizing political documentaries criticizing the War on Drugs to completely pointless slapstick comedies. The common theme? Weed and smokin’ up, dude. Admittedly, it’s far from perfect. And, unfortunately, it’s missing a few of my favorite marijuana movie classics right now, including “The Big Lebowski,” “How High?,” “Dazed and Confused,” “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and “Grandma’s Boy.” However, if you’re looking for something random and obscure in a pinch during your high times, there’s a lot to watch.

Look, I’m not saying all these movies are good. Some of them are; many are flat out BAD, yet somewhat enjoyable in corny, geek-out cheesiness. All I’m saying is that these 21 movies on Netflix are great to throw on when you’re blazed and looking for something to watch during or after a trees sesh.

Any other suggestions? Your offerings in the comments.

Super High Me

Year: 2007

Type of movie: Documentary

Non-Stoned Watchablity Grade: B

Suggested Munchies: Anything off the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.

Comedian Doug Benson riffs on the same concept behind Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” and sets out to smoke pot every day for 30 days in a row. Unlike eating fast food for a month, Benson’s physician find no major effects on his health, except for a little bit of weight gain. In fact, his sperm count goes up, as well as his overall score on the SAT. His score on the math part, however, goes down.


Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Year: 2011

Type of movie: Awkward comedy

Non-Stoned Watchablity Grade: D

Suggested Munchies: Sugary cereal, such as Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Captain Crunch, or Fruity Pebbles.

94-minutes of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s iconic and very, very strange Adult Swim show. There is a loose, weird plot about Tim and Eric getting a billion dollar budget to make a movie, then blowing it all. You’ll geek out when Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell make appearances.


The Botany of Desire

Year: 2009

Type of movie: Documentary

Non-Stoned Watchablity Grade: C

Suggested Munchies: Homemade, artisan granola.

If you’re the type of pothead who can space out on the couch to Discovery Channel epics like Planet Earth, Human Planet, and Frozen Planet for hours at a time, watch this two-hour PBS documentary. Based on Michael Pollan’s 2001 nonfiction book “The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World,” this film on agriscience explores the complexities of the apple, the tulip, the potato, and, of course, the cannabis plant.

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