Bill Burr Has A Hot Take On Canada Not Being ‘Some Post-Racial Paradise’, Thinks Celeb Endorsements Hurt

When comedian Bill Burr appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show late last week Conan asked Bill if he believes Americans will actually make good on their claims to move to Canada. Bill Burr‘s response is amazing, and his take on Canada is refreshing. He doesn’t idealize the country of Canada simply because they have moose and hockey, he recognizes that people are going to act like shit head people in every country across the planet.

This isn’t Bill’s only noteworthy moment on Conan though. He also dove in deep in deep on other celebrities endorsing the candidates.

I love everything about this quote: ‘Who are you? You’re an actor? Why would I listen to you?’. I do believe that everyone has the right to be heard, so those people on Twitter sending messages to actors saying shit like ‘shut up and stick to acting’ should go fuck themselves, but I also believe there’s usually no point in evaluating the political opinions of celebrities simply because they’re famous. I say usually because this is a unique year where one of the candidates, now President Elect Donald Trump, is a celebrity so I actually found it fascinating to read about the experiences other celebs have had in working with him. Just like I found it fascinating to read about what Ted Cruz’s college roommate had to say about Ted’s life back in school.

There’s a third clip from Bill Burr’s appearance on Conan in which he gives his take on Donald Trump being elected President in the most powerful country on the planet, and you can check that out here.