Bill Murray Crashed A Birthday Party And Danced To ‘Turn Down For What’ Because Of Course He Did

bill murray turn down for what


It’s official, if it wasn’t already. Bill Murray is the greatest bro ever. This video of him dancing to “Turn Down For What” at a birthday party he just happened crash absolutely cements it.

According to MTV, Marvin Larry Reynolds of Charleston, South Carolina (also the home of Bill Murray) reportedly invited Bill Murray to join him for a joint birthday party, since Murray will be turning 64 on September 21st. And since Murray’s friend, chef Brett McKee, was catering the party, he just decided to show up, because why the hell not?

Driving taxis, taking tickets, crashing engagement photos, and now this? There is no limit to his awesomeness.

Bill Murray image by LaCameraChiara/Shutterstock