How Long Will It Take To Binge Watch You Favorite TV Shows This Holiday? Check This Chart

Thanksgiving break unofficially started last Friday. Even if you’ve still got a couple classes left, you’re not paying attention to the lecture, and you’re probably not even going to go.

It’s officially a holiday week — one long week of doing jack shit until the holiday happens. You’re probably going to spend most of the days binge watching TV shows you missed over the last semester. But how long would it take to catch up on Bob’s Burgers, Archer and the rest of your favorite adult cartoons?

This handy guide¬†maps out about how long it would take to consume entire seasons of shows. Some TV shows would be less of a time suck — it would only take about 17 hours to watch the entire Boondocks collection — but a show like The Simpsons would keep you busy until it was time to had back to campus.

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