‘Blue Mountain State: The Rise Of Thadland’ Now Has A TREMENDOUS New Full-Length Trailer

blue mountain state trailer

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Last week we were so happy when we found out about and got our first glimpse of a new Blue Mountain State movie, The Rise Of Thadland. If there was ever a show we were glad to see make a return it is definitely that one.

And now, just as they promised, we have an actual full-length trailer to whet our appetites even more! Hell yeah, baby, Thadland in full effect!

Unfortunately we still don’t know when the movie is coming out, and so far it appears that it will be available only on video on demand and Blu-ray. On the bright side, at least now that we have an actual, real-life trailer we know that the movie’s release can’t be too far off. After waiting almost two years, a few more days won’t kill us, right?

Here’s the synopsis that accompanied the trailer…

After Thad graduates and is drafted into the NFL, quarterback Alex must lead both his team and the fight to save their house from being shut down by the vengeful university president.


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