The Trailer For ‘Boston Accent’ The Movie Is An Aural Nightmare For 99% Of The Nation

In recent years there’s been a glut of movies glamorizing the gritty heart of working class Boston. Working class Boston. So tough, so real, so Boston.

The problem with Bostonians, and Massachusettsans at large (not even addressing how stupidly long and pointless their state name is), is that they believe there’s some greater, larger import that comes with being from those areas, as opposed to being born at any other locale in the nation. Boston, Boston, Boston, they’ll say, as though everyone has within them some latent respect for the Bay State that solely needs conjuring from people in Celtics jerseys to appear.

Nah, it ain’t there, and 100 percent of people don’t give a fuck about your town or your state. I’m from Virginia. You don’t ever hear me tell people they need to respect it, despite the fact that, what, 30 presidents were born there.

It’s a genuinely perverse thing to take pride in the fact that your state’s failed excuse for an education system has spent centuries never teaching a single student how to properly annunciate.

That ain’t an accent, that’s a lazy alcoholic’s droll, which was passed down because people in that town were too busy being drunk at bars to see if their children ever learned anything.

Anyway, you’ll both love and hate this video.

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