Bryan Cranston Resurrects Walter White At EDC Las Vegas And Drives Crowd Crazy By Saying Iconic Heisenberg Line

Walter White has been dead(?) for two years come this September, but Bryan Cranston resurrected the iconic Breaking Bad character on Saturday night at EDC in Las Vegas. The prolific actor made a surprise appearance with DJ’s Above & Beyond on stage at Electric Daisy Carnival in front of a screaming crowd.

“Say my name,” Cranston declared, quoting the chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin Heisenberg White with the legendary line from the seventh episode in Season 5 of Breaking Bad. The tens of thousands of EDM festival-goers shout back “Heisenberg!” Missing his classic black hat and bald head, Cranston yells, “You’re goddamn right!” Then he pushed the play button to start the trance music up again.

The Above & Beyond track titled “Walter White” set the crowd into a frenzy. The progressive house group from the U.K. named the song after Cranston’s character because they are huge fans of “Breaking Bad” and consider the television show that won 16 Emmy Awards to be their favorite of all-time.

But my new favorite thing is watching 59-year-old Bryan Cranston dance jump at an EDM festival.