Cersei’s Naked ‘Walk Of Shame’ Used A Body Double, In Case You Were Wondering

lena headey body double game of thrones


Lena Headey’s “Walk of Shame” as Cersei Lannister on the season finale of Game of Thrones was one of the most talked about TV plot points last fall. Would Lena Headey really be naked? WAIT, HOW MUCH DID THAT SCENE COST? Would Lena Headey really be naked?

Then Sunday night the “Walk of Shame” was finally aired and pretty much everyone who watched was blown away by its intensity. Of course, as with any nude scene, there was also much analysis. More to the point, there was much analysis as to whether Lena Headey was actually nude for the scene or whether a body double was used. (By the way, we LOVE Game of Thrones body doubles.)

For the verdict on this we go where all nude scenes are invariably broken down piece by piece and dissected to death: Reddit.

100% Body double for several reasons, the face outline was blurry as shit when they showed the entire body from the front, two that body doesn’t look at all like Lena’s body, here’s a fairly recent shoot and a couple of screenshots where’s it’s obvious what i mean. NSFW

Edit: Look at images 4 and 5 and tell me you don’t notice it.. lol.

Edit2: Ok ok look at this if you still doubt me 😛 hhahahaha, i mean it’s kinda funny, her cgi head is pretty freaking round.

They seem pretty darn sure it was a body double.

Of course there was also the fact that Headey was pregnant at the time of the scene’s filming and a little piece written about it yesterday on Entertainment Weekly

The sequence took three grueling days to shoot, and while Headey might not have been naked herself during all the shots (a body double was used), she still had to pass through the hostile jeering mud-slinging crowd over and over again, trying to silently convey a progressive journey of complex emotions as Cersei reaches her lowest point—then ultimately finds a spark of strength as she’s lifted up by her resurrected savior, The Mountain.

So there you have it. Yes, there was a body double used at various points in the scene. All that’s left now is to find out just WHO the body double was so we can thank her for her work in one of the most amazing moments in television history.

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