Channing Tatum Smashes Mirrors With His Face as an Olympic Wrestler in New Trailer for ‘Foxcatcher’

When I first started watching this teaser trailer for Foxcatcher, I thought it looked like a dark comedy or an SNL skit. I assumed that primarily because of a heavily make-up-covered Steve Carrell. But that’s not the case. Foxcatcher is based on the true story of John duPont (founder of the Foxcatcher Farm wrestling training center) and Dave and Mark Schultz. After the schizophrenic John duPont (Carell) killed Olympic Champion Dave Schultz, his brother Mark Schultz (Tatum) decides to get justice. And everyone knows, with justice comes a few broken mirrors.

Also, I just noticed the man made cauliflower ear in the photo above and it’s a nice fucking detail. Mint, really.