‘Chapelle’s Show’ Comedian Donnell Rawlings Throws Down In Late-Night Brawl At Philly Restaurant

What’s up with comedians lately? First Katt Williams lost whatever mind he had left and went bonkers, getting arrested multiple times as well as getting his head stomped at a Beanie Sigel concert. Now Donnell Rawlings, most known for his hilarious work on the Chappelle’s Show, got into some controversy over an unpaid tab at a restaurant.

Rawlings definitely did not go from ashy to classy when he got into a physical altercation early Sunday morning at Little Pete’s restaurant in Philly. The comedian was having breakfast at the joint when he says that he walked out for a smoke, and the restaurant staff believed he was dining and dashing. An employee at the business said that Donnell appeared drunk and was walking out on the tab. The waitress claims Donnell made it clear before he left that he wasn’t going to pay, and she confronted him.

Cops were called after the fight broke out and Donnell paid his $12 bill and still tipped $60 because he is of course “rich, biaaaaatch!”

Donnell countered the accusations with Public Enemy lyrics.

But does make a good point, minus the misspelling of “tab.”

Ashy Larry can of course always make money playing dice.

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