Chewbacca Mom Continues To Have The Time Of Her Life With A Very Special Guest On ‘The Late Late Show’

So my colleagues are telling me that “Chewbacca mom” is now like the most watched video in the history of watched videos on the internet, and for the life of me I can’t make heads or tails of it. To be completely honest, I hadn’t watched it until 4 minutes ago. Was I supposed to? I don’t know.

But when my boy James Corden has someone on his show – especially for the Carpool Karaoke segment, I can’t ignore it (unfortunately, in this circumstance).

Although I kind of wish I would’ve because she might be the single most annoying person on the planet, and there’s like a billion percent chance this was a big Disney fabrication because no one is this happy. Ever. Not when they visit Disney World. not when they get married. Not when the hit the lottery. Not ever. It’s impossible. Unless Disney is footing the bill for it á la #AlexFromTarget.

Like, even James Corden couldn’t stand her when she was a guest on his very own show. Look at this face and tell me otherwise.

Hey, at least that Chewbacca mom is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame or whatever.