China Continues to Upstage US; Makes Law Against Reality TV

In what's clearly a gigantic, cultural F-U to the United States, the Chinese government has declared reality TV bad and is placing limits on how much it can be shown. According to a Business Insider report, the government now requires their approval for new reality shows, is limiting licenses to produce them, and capping the amount of time reality shows can take up in a network's rotation. 

he official Xinhua News Agency reported that the “American Idol” kind of talent shows now need approval from the body that oversees broadcasting, which will license one such program per channel each quarter for prime-time viewing.

It also reported that new regulations require satellite channels to allocate no less than 30 percent of their weekly air time to topics including news, economics, culture and science from next year.

So not only is China increasing its military might, it's making sure its citizens aren't vapid morons, like, you know, the average American. Twenty-five years guys, that's all we've got left on top.

[H/T Uproxx]