After Breaking Up With Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Martin Partied With A Hot Actress Wearing No Pants

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Celebrity WTF couple of the year — Belle of American cinema Jennifer Lawrence and Coldplay frontman/recent divorcee Chris Martin — cut things off earlier this month. So how did Chris Martin take it? Pretty well, it seems, by partying with 90210 actress Sara Foster at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party. As The Daily Mail shows us, Sara Foster’s Halloween costume involved wearing no paints, which means Chris Martin partied with a lady wearing no pants all night. You can see pics of said event here.

Legendary rebound, Bro. The Wheel breaks the butterfly.



All it took was this one little bit of information to make me so, so depressed that suddenly Coldplay is cool again.

[H/T: Defamer]

Photo by Shane Wenzlick/Getty Images

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