Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Bill Murray Story’ Is Almost Too Good To Be True

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Chrissy Teigen Bill Murray Story

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The legend of ‘Bill Murray Stories’ has spread so far and wide that there’s even an entire website dedicated to them with the tagline ‘no one will ever believe you’.

If you’re not familiar with the ‘Bill Murray Story’ it goes a little something like this: it’s a story that’s so outlandish it becomes believable, and it involves witnessing Bill Murray do something ridiculous, and the story typically ends with Bill Murray walking up and whispering ‘no one will ever believe you’ into your ear, though this last part doesn’t always happen as we’ll see below.

You can find these stories all across the Internet. They’re so prevalent that after a while I think most of us just started believing they’re true because they fit so well with the narrative of Bill Murray being a living legend.

Well, The New Yorker recently shared a collection of the most outrageous Bill Murray stories ever told. Upon seeing a tweet about this from The New Yorker, Chrissy Teigen realized that she’d actually fell victim to a Bill Murray story herself:

By ‘dropped’ she’s referring to the waiter leaving this food on her table, not the waiter dropping this food nearby. Now, just try and imagine yourself in this situation. A server brings you a half-eaten plate of food and tells you it’s from Bill fucking Murray! Do you eat it? Do you Instagram it and go about your business? Will anyone ever believe you when you retell this story?

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